It's fat time

Okay; I've decided to make it my mission in life to pudge up the skinny boy. With his recent haircut it's a bit shocking. He has always been a picky eater and it just seems to be getting worse and worse as time goes on. I don't want him to be heavy by any means; the older a dog gets the more important it is that they are very lean. It is amazing how a couple of extra pounds can make such a difference. Just recently with having to haul Tilley up and down the stairs; I realized how alot of extra weight feels on your joints. She is 45 lbs; and when I have to carry her downstairs I really feel it in my knees.

So onto skinny; I will be off tomorrow morning to the grocers to pick up the ingredients for these Satin Balls. I plan to start with the Betty Lewis satin ball recipe first and work my way through several of them. I think if I can get a couple of these into him a day in addition to the meager amount of food he eats he might just gain a pound or two. Oh how I would love Luke's problem of not easily gaining weight; honestly how wonderful would that be. The fact that he's not a big food lover boggles my mind; I love food.

It is great that he does not carry extra weight; because being heavy can damage their joints leading to early arthritis. But he needs a few extra pounds for those "just in case" days. A while back he had a horrible nose issue; he had to be at the vets several times and was really under the weather. His picky eater quickly turned to no eating; so these are times you'd like a little extra meat on that skinny body.

So there you have my agenda for the next while; fatten up the skinny boy.

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