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Just Dogs; I've heard the phrase "he's just a dog often," it makes me shudder so why then did I choose Just Dogs as my company name? When I started in photography; I wasn't focused (pardon the pun) I loved to shoot just about anything, especially if it was moving. Just yesterday I dug out a DVD of Capistrano Valley H.S. Varsity football that I made. It made me smile; those were the days, after a shoot I couldn't wait to get home and view the images. Guys flying in the air; determination written on their face, I loved it. And during this time I actually learned a bit about football; and I mean a bit.

Those beginning years I shot sports, flowers, landscapes, people, kids...........you name it. But there came a time when I was being spread too thin; with training, writing, photography, taking care of my own dogs etc. So I had to make a decision and it was an easy one "Just Dogs." This is where my name came from; it was a simple one Dogs and only dogs was what it would be and it is an all encompassing title. As is what I do; from photographing them, training them, cooking for, writing about, grooming, it's all dogs.

But even though my focus is dogs I do love to photograph dogs and their people; capturing that connection that these two species have together. When there is a true connection; human/canine the images are intense. So even though I say Just dogs; I will shoot humans, but only if they are in the company of a dog.

I have a new section on my website that I will be filling up today; these are just the few that have made it on there so far.

Dogs and their people

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