Just not that into food

Good morning; it's really stormy out today, nice. Today's blog will be a slight bit less intense as yesterday. I'm going to talk about the rare occurrence when a dog is just not that into food. My inspiration for the this blog came only moments ago; we are eating our breakfast in bed, normal and the dogs are joining us, typical. Luke usually is not that interested in anything unless it is buttered toast. On the other hand the girls are both ready to pull up their pants legs and jump into the trough.

Luke is in his regular spot; head facing away from us at the end of the bed. When offered a piece of toast he made a lame attempt at getting up and decided it was too much work. For most dogs there is never too much work to get food; but Luke just went back to sleep. So Luke is not that into food; never has been, never will be. And it is because of this lack of interest in food that he is a mere 45 pounds (very skinny).

Although Luke is not a chow hound he does love some foods; but they must come at the correct time. He likes shortbread but only if it comes on a tray at tea time (when we are having tea). He likes most of our dinners; he loves food with flavor but he loves it more if Dad is handing it to him from the table even when he knows that he shouldn't. If you put it in his bowl after our dinner for him; not so much. What a funny dog he is; this can certainly try ones patience.

But what I have found is that if I trigger Luke's prey drive; if I throw his food he is much more likely to eat. Being direct descendants of the wolf; having your food placed right in front of you is not normal. For most dogs they have evolved their eating strategy to coming into the kitchen, it's that easy. But for dogs like Luke; he can't just come in and eat, it's not normal for him. I'm lucky actually because right outside of our kitchen is a very large concrete patio so when Luke is in his "not eating mood," I toss his food. That's correct, right out the door and if once doesn't do it I pick it up and throw it across the yard. He loves this game and it gets him to work for his food. After a few morsels are sent flying around the yard he is usually ready to eat what he hunted and brought down and it is right in his bowl.

Yes; strange but true ;)

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