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Good morning; seems like I missed blogging yesterday but I was trying to finish up my Newsletter that goes out today so if anyone is interested just email me at and put Newsletter in the subject line.

Time to train; when is it really time to train your dog. Well right now is a good time and you should never wait for a rainy day; especially here in Southern California. In the old days it was recommended that you wait until a dog was at least 6 months old before training. Now when I think back; can you imagine? Six months of wasted time? The reasoning behind the 6 months was so that your dog could withstand collar corrections. It makes me shudder now just thinking about waiting until their neck can handle it.

Well today is a new day and you can start training and educating your puppy as soon as you get them. In fact puppies can learn behaviors way before you get them in your home at 8-12 weeks. I've taught a 6 week old puppy to sit and down easily and I'm sure they can probably as soon as they are physically capable of controlling their body. By starting right from the beginning it is easy to implement manners by just making it "the way it is." Of course puppies will be puppies but they don't have to be obnoxious all the time; only some of the time.

There is nothing like a little puppy showing just how amazing they are by easily doing what is asked of them. By the use of patience, kindness, understanding, reward and praise you can go along way. The enthusiasm in a puppy is inspiring and when they sit or go to their place with a "I did it" face on; you can help but smile when you see how amazing they truly are. The connection between canine and human is more than a leash and collar.

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