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I love shooting dogs; they are my very favorite subject to capture. But recently I've had the opportunity to photograph dogs and their kids; and it is quickly becoming my choice focus (pardon the pun). I really enjoy the time of the shoot; especially when it is one where there is a natural connection; canine and human child. There is nothing more pleasing than watching a child who loves their dog. Vise versa; the option of possibilities for something to make you smile is void compared to a dog that loves their kid. Seeing the love coming from both; directed to the other is simply magical.

Many things can display a connection; although interaction is a must. Interaction can be seen in many ways; a simple ear or paw placement, a facial expression or even the slightest change in mouth position. A true connection can be seen.
I have to admit that after a dog and their kid shoot is complete; I cannot make it home fast enough. There I download the images and process as quickly as I can. When the images are converted to viewing files I commence the scrutinizing that only a photographer has for their own work. I am often mesmerized by the images; even when I was the one there, the one taking the shots. The images on my computer are spectacular; the natural connection between the two can only make me smile and smile is what I do. My gosh there is nothing cuter than a dog and their kid.

I feel so lucky to have a private viewing for many of these images. So many expressions; so many small canine human connections that can not be seen by the naked eye, except when captured digitally forever. Dogs and humans of any age connecting make for amazing images. Is there anything better than the canine human connection?

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