Happy dogs make me smile

Sometimes a happy dog is all you need to make your day. I was crazy busy yesterday; rushing here and there and trying to get all the things I'd put on my "to do" list done. I was out in the backyard chopping the last of the stumps I needed to chop; Tilley was watching. Luke and Jessie were still in bed upstairs. As I pulled my very dirty work gloves off my son came outside and greeted Tilley. She ran to him; flinging her head in the air like a stallion. And then she smiled; she gave him 3-4 big smiles. This is something she has always done but it has gotten more rare in her age and especially since her Vestibular. The site of her throwing her head; smiling like crazy with her vibrating tail was a sight for sore eyes. This makes me smile.

And as for sleepy heads; they eventually made their way outside. Jessie found a spot where the sun was concentrated in a beam when everything else was shaded. There she lay soaking up the sun on her old little body; I love to watch her enjoy the sun. When Luke came out to see what I was up to; he was in the mood for some love'n. He's a head pusher; he just loves to get his head in to the crook of my neck and push. With his mouth open doing his happy huffing it is a joy for the two of us. This often happens in the middle of gardening; with my hands both covered in dirt our snuggle session is hands free. And it's a good thing as I often need my hands to catch me before he pushes me to the ground. There is nothing like it.

By the afternoon I had done yard work; ran my errands, worked on several of my books which are underway and mixed up a great dinner for the hounds. It is very quiet at my house in the afternoon; that is serious naptime for all the seniors here. As I came into work on the computer some more I found Luke on my bed; stretched out rubbing his face, open mouth huffing and wagging his tail. There he wass all alone in my room on his bed (actually my bed) loving his life. How can that sight not be good for you. I watched in silence for a few moments and then asked him if he was enjoying himself. He wagged even more knowing I had come into the room. He proceeded to rub, huff and wag with a few snuggles for Mom thrown in for good measure.

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