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Well; I'm without my laptop this morning. I brought it in to get fixed yesterday and they tell me 2-3 weeks; not acceptable. Funny how I love to write in bed with the dogs surrounding me; but put me at the desk and I sit here staring at the monitor. It is not condusive to creativity writing; it feels like work. So I'm trying something new; I have my keyboard in bed and my monitor is on the other side of the room which I cannot see to read so I'm thinking this will mean alot of proof reading when I'm done, but at least I'm comfy.

I wanted to write about the evolution of our lives with dogs this morning. We've come a long way baby but we still have mountains to climb before we get there. In the beginning; approximately 15,000 years ago we had a win win relationship. We tossed food to the wolves and in turn they protected our village. Then they joined us in our village and helped us to hunt for the food that we shared. Not long after that they were our dogs and they played an important part in human lives. They helped to hunt, protect, and work in many different facets of the human world. This was the relationship in the beginning; and a critical one at that.

Then some years later many humans took on a less physical type lifestyle; opting to leave the harsh life of farming to live in a more urban neighborhood; leaving home to work. Today there are still dogs that work hand in paw with their human. These dogs lead a more traditional type lifestyle; closer to the way it all started. But for those who left the life of a working dog; there was a big transition awaiting them.

As time passed and things changed drastically in our society; dogs soon became a luxury item for many who chose or were forced to leave the farming life. Dogs started to change physically; smaller lap dogs, larger protectors, more specifically; dogs were being bred to pull out traits that suited our needs. But now that many humans lived in cities; what were city dogs to do? Life got really boring with no job to do for our dogs. Some folks; those really doggy type folks did alot with their dogs; but many dogs lived a boring existance, just sort of hanging out all day.

Then things changed again; with the introduction of so many purebred dogs there was a more clear cut distinction between humans. Those who could afford the elite fancy purebreds; those who had purebred working dogs who had been bred to bring out specific drives, and those with the mixes which were most average families. This went on for sometime; and here we are today.

Of course this blog could be a book; there is so much to write on the life of dogs with humans, correct? But here we are today with dogs and the way I look at it; we are making progress. Although we definitely have times when we slide backwards with regards to evolution. In general we are plodding away in a positive direction. To see so many people supporting humane treatment towards dogs; spending many waking hours in support of cruelty legislations and many who spend their hard earned money and time rescuing dogs, this is the positive direction.

Many more people are rescuing dogs; both purebred and mixed. There is more importance put on the general life of a dog. Countless guardians now work to ensure that their dog has a fulfilled life as a dog; making sure that their doggy needs are met. This is huge. A slide backwards are things like the "Paris Hilton" effect. Sadly she alone promoted the "dogs are accessories" idea. And now many tiny dogs are sitting in shelters and rescues because of it.

From the smallest pocket pooch to the largest giant breed or mix; a dog is a dog. They all need to run, smell, interact, play and receive an education on how to live in a human world. I love all dogs; all the mixes, whether they are a designer dog or a dog that is a culmination of many breeds. I love all the purebreds; I love dogs as a whole. Like human individuality; so is there dog individuality. The vast difference in humans is equaled to the difference in dogs. This enables everyone to live very different lives and be happy. As long as our dogs needs are being met; education is being shared about how best to treat and care for our dogs, if we as humans are teaching compassion to our children then we are headed in the right direction.

The more humans that fight for the rights of dogs; the better our world will be. A more compassionate human? That is evolution at its finest.

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