Rescue gone wrong

We moved to California from Canada approx. 11 years ago. On the day of the move it was a hectic one; a plane ride with two stops from Montreal to Orange County, CA. Me; the three kids and three dog, it was a highly stressful day. Skipping to a year later; I lost my beloved Clyde, my heart dog. He was 13 and at the end of his time here on earth. After a very short mourning period I was ready to add another member to the family; I searched for a rescue dog. I first contacted the local poodle rescue; I believe it was in LA. "We don't adopted dogs out to renters!" Yes we were renting; we wanted to live here a bit before choosing where we were going to buy. So I was not getting a dog from this woman. Imagine; I still can't believe she wouldnt' adopt a dog to me; Sherri of Just dogs with Sherri. ;)

My point here is that I had a magnificent home to offer; I work my own hours, had two other dogs, had standard poodles for 25 years and I was not good enough. So instead of placing a dog into a great home she kept them hoarded in her house; afterall no one was as good as she was for these dogs. This is a sad but all to common path that some rescues can take. I have heard of many rescue people turned hoarders; they have the best intention but something just goes wrong. Now I am not talking about all rescues; I have the greatest respect for the ones who do it right. The people who rescue a few at a time and do their utmost to get these dogs placed into forever homes.

There are other rescue groups; one in particular who again started out wanting to do right by the dogs, hbut she grew and grew and grew. Unfortunately money can be a very evil thing when you get a taste of it and it takes over. This rescue who use to take in only Great Danes and find homes for them now takes in anything and everything that is large; some not even large breeds. And unfortunately the dogs that she supposedly rescues are bred; she lists just about every breed on her page and available puppies. Anyone with the slightest bit of common sense knows what's going on; but she denies this.

This same rescue demands big bucks for her "rescue" dogs and it is a CASH ONLY transaction. And what happens if it doesn't work out? Most reputible rescues will take the dog back with open arms; afterall they want it to work for the dog. This alleged rescue group gives you a credit; that's right, no money back. She keeps the money and you hopefully can get a dog sometime down the road. Sadly I have worked with several dogs from this rescue and they come with alot of behavior issues due to the large amount of dogs that are held there and the way they are kept quiet.

Rescuing dogs is an admirable thing to do; if it is done right, if it is done for the dogs and money has nothing to do with it. Yes it can be expensive; and the rescuers should get some of the money that they put into it back. Typically that is around a couple hundreds; often they ask nothing. There are some amazing people in this world; I've met many who open their homes, take in needy dogs and work around the clock to find new homes for these dogs. It is a selfless job and I give them huge kudos.

But when it does go wrong; it can go wrong in a big way. From hoarding to breeding for money; it is sad indeed. Rescuing, fostering and adopting out takes a huge commitment from dedicated people. And sadly now there are rescuers needed for some of the rescuers. So again; do your research, visit the facility and if somethings seems not right, you are probably right.

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  1. Thanks for this post Sherri ... if you do rescue 'right', if you breed 'right', there is no money in it, and I mean no money! One needs to have some kind of second job to support your love. Been there, am there now :)

    Hope, if it's just one person, has a revelation!


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