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Our family regularly donates to our local food bank; it is something I feel strongly about. Not long ago I contacted this particular bank and asked if they took in dog food; they did not. Most human food banks do not take in dog food and after talking to many of the area food banks I understand why. Dog food takes up a whole lot of room; much more room that most food banks could accommodate. But the good news is that there are dog (pet) food banks. Here are a few I found online.

Save our pets food bank

The pet food bank



In these difficult economic times many families are forced to make decisions they would never otherwise consider. When a family is having a tough time putting food on the table; feeding a pet may be impossible. These pet food banks are essential; they can make the difference for a family contemplating giving up a loved family member. There are many neighborhood pet banks out there; Save our pets food bank has a list of National banks on their site. Many local shelters offer food donations to people who need it; and pet stores are starting to offer the same.

If every family who could afford to; donated a bag of dog food to those who cannot, there would be far less animals in the shelters today.

Many of these pet food banks run food drives; just like the human version. What a wonderful idea; helping people keep their family pets by feeding them. When you fill up your dogs bowl; think about those who cannot and donate a bag of food. Having to even consider giving up a dog simply because you have fallen on hard times and need short term help with feeding is horrific. One bag could be the deciding factor in a dog and families life. Donate today.

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