Shooting my dogs and an earthquake

Yesterday I took the opportunity to shoot my dogs; even though I shoot them often I rarely get to a park to grab some nice action shots. My new camera is a beast and with my big lens on it; it is not something I want to carry everyday on a walk with my dogs. We headed out together which is different as well. Luke and my hubby had gone on their walk earlier in the morning so we decided to all go for our slow meandering walk. He grabbed the dogs; I grabbed the camera and off we went.

When we got to the park it was really quiet; a few random people here and there but unusually quiet for a Sunday, nice. Tilley was up for more of her rehab; she is making amazing strides so I was able to capture it for everyone to see. While Tilley ran after the ball Luke was being a very good boy waiting his turn; he'd already had his big walk with Dad so most of his ya ya's were gone. Jessie was clipped onto a 10 foot leash attached to one of the carabiners that I keep connected to my pouch. So while Jessie had her fun sniffing; Luke waited patiently, we watched and enjoyed Tilley having fun.

I had to end Tilley's fun when I think she'd had enough; she is one of those dogs who even now will just keep going until she drops. So once Tilley was done with her turn it was Luke's; and even with most of his ya ya's gone he still had energy to run and just have fun. I caught a non action shot of Luke that totally sums him up. It is the image of him simply standing; standing with the ball in his mouth for all to see.

After our shoot it was time to head home; what a gorgeous day for a walk and a shoot. Once we got home I spent a good part of the afternoon gardening with my poodles as my audience. Jessie had retired to the big bed upstairs in our room and there she stayed for the remainder of the day. The poodles rested their weery bones as I planted, pruned and weeded. About midway through my gardening I headed over to the hose. Luke was on his double lounge relaxing but started to act strangely; he was upright looking all around the ground beneath him. By the time I got to the faucet I was getting dizzie; the ground seemed to sway underfoot. My first thought was that my vertigo was back but then I noticed the water in the dog bowl swaying. It was in fact a good sized earthquake. At that point Jessie ran out the door and right to me; she was trembling. At almost 14 years old; nearly deaf and blind she didn't know what was going on when she was shaken from her sleep. It was over in about 30 sec., the dogs continued with their lazy afternoon and I my gardening.

By evening all were tired; the dogs and myself. As I got ready for bed I realized that my left arm had several cuts; a couple from a puppy shoot this week and the other identical ones from gardening. Visual reminders of a great week. Dogs and gardening. ;)

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