What are you doing this weekend?

First I want to remind everyone who reads this blog to watch the chocolate. Oh you can eat as much as you like ;) but make sure that your dog cannot get to any of it. Chocolate is lethal to dogs; the darker the chocolate the more dangerous it is. And the smaller the dog the smaller amount that is needed to be dangerous; please take great care to keep it out of reach.

Now; I thought I'd do something a little different today, I'd love to know what all of you are doing with your dogs this weekend. It would make for some very interesting reading for everyone. If you feel like it; leave your weekend canine agenda in the comments to share with all the other dog lovers. I for one love to read what others spend their time doing with their dogs. It doesn't have to be life changing; it can simply be sitting by the fire, watching a movie or going for your usual walk.

We are pretty much sticking to routine this weekend; a walk this morning, outdoor stuff later today. After sharing breakfast in bed; Luke and my husband will head out for their big walk. Then I will meet up with them in a bit with the old gals. Tilley has been doing alot of retrieving rehab and she has made great strides. She can go much further than she could just a week ago and for a dog with a crooked head it is amazing to see.

I'm thinking that perhaps we will hit the beach in the early evening with Luke as well. It looks like we are in for a beautiful day so The Montage may be on our agenda.

So what are you doing?

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  1. Easter weekend so it is a busy time at my kennel, but once my guests are taking their naps, I'm heading outside to play with my 2. After a walk thru the woods, I will let my heeler mix herd her big ball and play with the "varmit pole" with the german shepherd. The "varmit pole is simple a lunge whip (I think they use this for horses) I have a stuffed animal tied to the end and let the GSD chase it, she loves it, plus when I do let her catch it I get a chance to work on "drop it" This game really wears her out.


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