The Dr. Phil show

I'm not sure if you all saw the show or not just the other day; it was on animal abuse. I just feel like I need to comment on the show being that this blog is all about dogs. First; I completely understand that the show was done for ratings although I am very happy with the stand that Dr. Phil took on the subject. I feel very strongly that we need to see these horrible things; they are out there, they exist and to hide your head in the sand because you just can't bare to see it does nothing to help the situation. I don't mean that you need to subject yourself to watching all the horrors but you cannot simply hide and pretend these horrific things do not exist. Dr. Phil put it out there for all to see.

In my opinion the guest that he had on talking about his dogfighting career was a monster. It is honestly mind boggling to me that creatures like this exist. One thing is for sure after listening to what he had to say; and that is there is no changing a monster like this. I could literally go on for hours about what he had to say about his actions but I'm not wasting my time on it. What I do want to discuss is the fact that videos can be made and sold for profit on the subject. I feel that the people making these laws should be held responsible for the abuse. How can you make the act illegal yet be able to sell videos of these atrocities? Freedom of speech is what they claim to be the basis of the reasoning???????? How about not allowing dogs to be tortured?

Sadly this is but one tiny fraction of abuse. There are many speaking out to save animals; these hard working, dedicated people and selfless in their act. There are many others; creatures who have not an ounce of compassion within them. These are the ones that need to be stopped. Can you change someone who sees no wrong in hurting animals? I don't know; I would imagine there are many different levels or degrees of lack of compassion. What I do know is that this is what we as a society should be focusing on. Spread the word; educate others, take these acts out of the hidden dark corners and shine a pointing finger on them.

"Do not hide from the truths of the world; see, absorb, contemplate and act, make a difference." SR

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. " Ghandi

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