Grey muzzle

This past weekend while out running some errands my husband said "look at that face." I looked over to the left and saw a small black dog with it's head out the passenger window. It looked like a chihuahua mix; solid black with a very grey muzzle which immediately gave away her age. Her eyes told of her years of experience; and that she was happy and content. This is a wonderful site; I love seeing happy old dogs; in their golden years and being taken care of and loved.

Sadly it is the old ones who often find themselves in rescues and shelters unwanted. Many people pass by these old dogs not wanting to have their hearts broken in the near future. But dogs in their golden years are usually easy; they don't require much training or exercise. What they do need is a soft bed; a gentle hand and a loving heart. Of course there may be adjustments to make; adding another dog to your home takes patience but the result can be life altering.

Opening your home and heart to an old dog is a selfless act; there is no expectations of all the exciting and fun things you may do together for years to come. No; it may be a very short time that an old dog shares your life, and that short time may be an amazing one. Many people I talked to who have adopted old dogs have told me the most amazing stories of love; life and laughter with these golden oldies. The more you offer of yourself to a dog; the more you get in return. What you may have considered a good deed often ends up a monumental moment in your personal evolution.

Our home is a very different one from several years ago. It is quiet and non hectic; there is no loud and rough dog/dog play anymore, that was in the past. There is more snoring; slower paced strolls have replaced our power walks and there is a much greater need for patience. But when I see my ole gals so deep in sleep it makes me realize that this is how it should be; there should be no cares for old dogs. Yes things are very different with old dogs; but it is all in the stages of a dog's life. These golden years are the more reflective ones; time spent remembering the good old days and dotting on our beloved seniors. Second hand old dogs may have lived a life that you are unaware of; there past a mystery. But at the moment they need your love; consider adopting a grey muzzle the next time you visit a rescue or shelter. It will do your heart good.

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  1. I love this sherri, I am about to loose my old dog...and she is such a joy...
    Puppies are much harder then older dogs... Yes the life span of an older dog is shorter, but such a blessing and you are saving a life and gaining in return, if only for a short while....


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