A new day-our morning routine

I can hear Luke dreaming as the day ends and I drift off. The morning alarm seems to go off within moments of falling asleep and I hear Tilley; she is stirring and licking her legs again, something that has become a habit since the onset of her Vestibular disease. I don’t want to wake up; but it is time, Jessie is ready to get up and she joins me down to the kitchen. At nearly 14 she is amazing; she charges down the stairs and dives off of the fourth step to the landing, with lightening speed she flies to the door. Sluggishly I finely get to the door to let the very impatient lady out to quickly relieve herself. Everything is fast in the morning, Jessie has one agenda and one alone, food. She is back before I have a chance to get the mugs out and she waits. While I prepare breakfast she does a little early morning grooming on the bed in the corner of the kitchen. Once everything is ready we head up to bed again; she is way ahead of me.

She charges up the stairs and stops for a split second making sure that I am indeed coming with the food. We regularly have breakfast in bed with all the dogs; sometimes Tilley stays in her bed but she doesn’t miss out on any of the goodies. And as any Jack Russell would do; Jessie is spinning and leaping lest I forget to hoist her up onto the bed. Grabbing her is much like grabbing a wreathing fish; first thing in the morning she’s a bundle of energy. Once settled in we enjoy our coffee and the dogs enjoy their morning snack. Luke is still asleep but with Jessie’s first chomping sounds he has one eye open and is partially 'sready for his goodies.

Jessie gets her piece of cheese first; she first in line. I toss Tilley her piece; she is not budging and knows that her snack is only a toss away. Then I offer Luke his piece; but it has to be a small piece. He cannot deal with large pieces of anything first thing in the morning and will reject it if you try. And unlike the girls who gobble down the food tossed to them; if you throw Luke's treat at him he is highly offended and again it will be rejected. Even when I follow this strict protocol of his; a baby sized piece, hand fed, he will often reject it from me but eat it from Dad.......geeeesh. But I love our morning and this is the way that morning should always be.

After our breakfast snack and a blog; our day starts, well at least mine does. As I get ready to hit the gym the dogs get comfy for some extra snoozes. They know that I’m not taking anyone with me so there is no “take me” displays. Before I leave I check that the dog door is open and I’m gone. Once I’m back; the “take me” begins; that is once they are up and at it. I am often greeted at the door; sometimes I’m not greeted at all. This depends on the day before and how tired everyone is. I like to switch things up so the three dogs are juggled for walks and destinations are switched up daily as well. Whomever is not going for a walk clearly understands this by the absence of their collar or harness; so they usually go back to bed at this point knowing full well their turn will be on my return.

Once everyone has had their exercise; me at the gym and the dogs on their walks it is time to consider our official breakfast. The dogs must have been home and cooling down for at least 45 min. before they eat. Even food is switched up; they don’t eat the same meal each day, always something different. As they eat their breakfast; I clean up the kitchen and casually supervise. Jessie has taken to her new eating routine and immediately goes to the bed after finishing; she gets her treat and waits for her release. Tilley is done next and proceeds to snorfle around the kitchen steering clear of Luke while he finishes. This can take a while; he’s not exactly a speed eater. He often walks out of the room; with his bowl half full of food. I’ll call him back and ask him to finish; sometimes he obliges, other times he gives me a look and walks out of the kitchen once again. Okay we’re done; Jessie is release and she rushes to pick up anything carelessly dropped by the poodles. Now the day begins; which for a house full of seniors is usually a trip back to bed, at least for a while.


  1. Carol in St. LouisThursday, May 20, 2010

    Your description of Jesse's waking moments reminds me of what I see in my 12 y/o Mini Poodle each morning. I love my little Romeo!

  2. I don't know what I'd do without my canine alarm clock...be chronically late to work for one thing. Birgie's up quarter to 7 every day. Amos, on the other hand, is not a morning person. Maybe that is due to the Addison's disease.


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