Friday this and that

TGIF; wow I'm up late this morning. We were awaken by a super loud bang last night; so loud that Luke shot straight up looking at me for reassurance. Even half asleep I know how important my reaction is so I just lay back down without saying a thing. Then my husband and I calmly discussed what the heck it could have been; and Luke went back to sleep.

The dogs and I had a great walk day yesterday; first Jessie and I met a good friend of mine and her Golden puppy at the park. Jessie did amazing with her; the puppy is an excellent communicator and let Jessie know right off that she was nothing but a lowly puppy. She conveyed to Jessie that she understood that she was the supreme reigning, most highest canine Queen and from that point everything went smashingly. Jessie only had to quickly posture twice along the walk to remind the young'n just who she was and they were good again.

After Jessie's walk I grabbed the poodles, my video camera and off we went. I was so happy to see another good friend and Luke's best friend at another park. I got my camera ready and let'm rip; they did a quick greeting, not what I had wanted to capture of course. Then I proceeded to video tape; at least I thought that I was video taping until I got home. I had inadvertently pushed a button too many times so when I thought I was taping I wasn't. When I thought I wasn't; I was, oh well. This was a lesson on video taping so next time should be much better. This is probably why I always grab my camera instead.

Tilley did wonderfully and I did get a small shot of her and Luke running in the park which I will try to get on here today. It is a joy to see her running and having fun after her ordeal with Vestibular. She still has disease but has learned to live with it amazingly. So I'm off to a late start this morning but so far it's been pretty good. Sharing breakfast with the chow hounds; the cool morning breeze coming through the patio door and now they are all asleep again as I is pretty good from where I'm sitting.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend; don't know what's on my agenda as of yet. If you haven't had a chance to watch this youtube; it is what I put together after shooting last weekends adoption day here in the OC.

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  1. Woof! Woof! Happy Friday!!! Watch the video ... thanks for sharing. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


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