Canine/human connection

What else is there? The canine/human connection is at the heart of our passion for dogs; there is nothing that stirs our heart more than seeing the amazing connection that some people have with their dog. Whether it is a child and a dog sharing a moment of quiet time, an elderly man walking his senior dog or a Dad throwing the frisbee for his dog............perfection. When it comes to a connection; there is no prerequisite, no previous experience required, it is simply a connection between two species that is mutually beneficial.

The connection is one of my favorite things to capture; that special moment when anyone looking at the image can see it. A connection isn't always a look; it may be visualized by a touch, a position of a hand, a head turn or expression. In fact their is no distance requirement for a connection; I have seen images of dogs where the space between the human and dog is great, yet the connection is surely there.

I feel so lucky to have the luxury of many daily connections. Often while out on a walk; one of my dogs will give me a quick glance over their shoulder, it makes me smile. While I am submersed in work I will regularly be the recipient of a head nudge; a need for a touch as I glance down to see those big brown eyes looking back at me. We share a moment; it may be a fleeting moment, often it evolves into a snugglefest, a connection either way.

One of my all time favorite connections is the check in glance; the reassurance that your dogs one and only is still within sight. Luke is always checking in; even when we watch television in the evening. He assumes his regular position; dead center in the family room facing the television (he watches with us) he will turn and look over his shoulder, we connect and he gets his "okay good face on" and continues his t.v. watching.

By watching a dogs body language you will often see a connection that has nothing to do with eye contact. Being a photographer I'm always watching; I'm actually a watcher by nature and love to witness a connection. A dog's ear posture, facial expression and body tells of a connection that is there. If I say the mere word "Daddy," to my girl Tilley her whole body changes, her ears lay as flat as possible and her eyes close in a slight squint. It is he alone; Dad who creates this connection without even being present.

If you watch for them; they are all around you, that is if you live with dogs. The amazing connection, the canine/human connection. A glance over a shoulder, a face rub, a wag from across the yard, a lean or a simple look that tells you that you are connected. You my friend are one of the lucky ones; as am I.

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