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Well; I was some excited on Friday when the dogs charged the door; guarding their home from the silent dark shape filling the window in our front door. As I quieted the pack and reached the door he was gone but I knew he had left me a package. They never ring anymore; just drop and run, ah the UPS guy. It was my coffee grinder or in my case my egg shell grinder. Up until now I've been using a mortar and pestle but I've grown tired of manually grinding the shells and there was a backlog of shells on my window sill. So after hearing that many people use a coffee grinder to do the job I got on Amazon and started my review search. I never purchase without reading reviews now; and the grinder was going through the same procedure.

So I bought the Toastmaster one which received a rating of 4 1/2 stars; a must for my purchase. And at 9.68; a deal.
I immediately unwrapped it; viewed the very short instructions and got to work grinding the huge bowl of eggshells I'd collected. It works like a dream and in minutes that large bowl was ground down to a small sized container; nicely tucked away now in the cupboard. Nice. A good long supply of ground eggshells for the dogs calcium supplement.

Calcium is extremely important if you are not feeding feeding raw bones and you feed your dog a real food diet without bones. Eggshell should NOT be given to dogs that eat commercial dog food or kibble. I give my guys bones to chew all time but the amount they get from them is small as far as calcium consumption. Their bones are more for teeth cleaning. Because my guys are old and Jessie simply doesn't chew food; even huge food I don't like the idea of feeding her bones. If I give her a chicken wing she will just swallow it; 100% guaranteed. So they must have a calcium supplement; eggshells, simple, cheap and plentiful.

Calcium link

Having sunny side up this morning; don't toss the shells!!!!


  1. Hi... i was wondering if the toastmaster grinder makes the eggshells into fine powder? I'm raw feeding my dogs and so they also get eggshell for calcium supply. I grind my eggshells with a coffeebean grinder, but it doesn't turn it into powder as i would wish for...

  2. Hi Peggy; yes it does I'm very happy with it, especially at that price.

  3. oh awesome! thanks for the quick answer. Well, the price is great and so I think i'm gonna get one too! :D thank you for the toastmaster review!

  4. Why can't you give eggshells to dogs that eat kibble/commercial food?

  5. Kibble is already fortified with calcium so adding egg shell gives them more than they need. You sure can every once in a while but it is not needed is the biggest factor.


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