Courage; he's got that.

There's a new calendar; helping the dogs. 

Courage calendar; proceeds going to

He's a fighter; after being intentionally starved and left for dead, he's turned it around with the help from a wonderful group.  A large group effort from the German Shepherd rescue of Orange County; Courage was rescued, cared for and brought back to the healthy boy that he should be.  The resilience of a canine is remarkable.   The day I first met Courage; he crossed the parking lot and my eyes welled up.  I'd read his story; his struggle to hang on to life, hours from death he was not giving up.  With the kindness and dedication of a caring rescuer; he was pulled from the brink and set on a path of recovery.

The story made the headlines; the owner, a full time kennel attendant for a veterinarian left Courage in their yard with no food, no water until he was a skeletal 37 lbs.  The public was rightly outraged; the horrendous act left many wondering what went wrong.  Whatever happened will be dealt with; the important fact is that Courage was rescued and most definitely saved.  He has recovered and is continuing to overcome his past.  I met Courage; roughly a  month after his rescue, he was already looking pretty good.  And more recently I photographed Courage graduating his obedience class; he looked amazing. 

The most uplifting part of this whole story is the phenomenal connection between Courage and his new Mom.  The mutual affection is undeniable and intense; seeing Courage seeking the security in his new guardian is moving.  Watching him interact with people and other dogs instills hope; not only has he recovered, he is truly an Ambassador for the breed.  I was honored to have been able to photograph him and I look forward to photographing him again in the future. 

Courage is sadly one dog of many; there are vast amounts of canines needing help.  I am hoping that with the sale of this calendar that many more needy dogs can be helped. 

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