Hard work'n men

Yesterday we were working on our back fence area; and by we I mean my hubby, myself and Luke .  We had taken down an old dilapidated fence from the backyard and realized that the hill behind it was so steep that if Jessie or Tilley went down; they couldn't get back up.  So lots of shoveling had to be done today; the paper laid, edging installed, plants planted and then the bark put in as the final touch.  The shovelling part; or digging is one of Luke's favorite things to do.  He is just adorable as he watches you dig; watches where and what needs to be dug and gets to work.  As I was off pruning the already existing garden; Luke was watching my hubby.  And you guessed it; I was watching Luke.

Luke was watching my husband's every move.  He watched every shovel full and got way too close trying to see what the heck he was digging up.  He watched for a long time before he started his own digging.  If someone is digging Luke's digging; he a real team player.  People often ask why their dogs are constantly following them; dogs are pack animals and where the pack goes, they go.  Today the pack was digging, so Luke was digging.

As my husband moved; Luke checked out every spot and then commenced his own work.  He was actually helpful; he dug with such gusto that he was really assisting.  He sure did his fair share of the work. 

At one point he realized I was watching; he looked up staring, and gave me a look as if to say "hey we're working here."   

Nothing gets past this boy; every stick, weed or pebble that is removed must be checked over by the curly blonde crew member.  These guys worked for hours; side by side until it was break time.  They'd been working so hard that they both needed a drink which was shared as well.   Dad had his share of the water and when he was done with the water and glass; Luke got his. 

After they both had a good hydration break it was back to work;

except for a quick best buddies moment.

After a long day of work; both boys were dog tired, especially this one.

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