A new harness

I stumbled into a pet store in San Francisco at Ghiradelli Square; I love finding new places to shop for the pooches. This was not your regular pet store; no this was Yap Wrap.  I went in and started to look around; they  have lots of great stuff but then I found the harnesses, I was very curious.  The manager was in the store and was very helpful; he educated me on their very special harnesses, they looked so comfortable.  All I could think is that this Wrap harness would be wonderful for my little Jessie (a Jack Russell Terrier.)  I definitely wanted to try it out; so I brought home a red one with a strap as well.  They make straps that hook onto the harness and right into the seat belt buckle of the car.  A great safety feature.

Once home from our trip I unpacked the harness and gave it a test run; just a fitting to see if we'd gotten the right size.  Looked great and I still thought it looked very comfortable.  Not only did it fit but Jessie looks quite smashing in it.  I let her wander around for a while with it on so she could get use to it before we tried a walk. 

Today was our true test; I hooked Jessie up in the car.  I put her into the back seat; and snapped the strap into the buckle, very cool.  I love the idea of being able to snap the strap right into the seat belt buckle.

  Now to try a walk while Jessie sports her new Yap Wrap.   Jessie went on about her walk like business as usual.  She seemed very comfortable and I was able to guide her along with a gentle tug every once in a while.  She is nearly deaf so calling her no longer works; I like that when I tug on her that her neck does not take any pressure.  There is a handle on top of the Wrap; you can grab this if you need to grab a hold of your dog in a pinch.  I used it to pull Jessie out of several bushes. 

As we walked along I thought how wonderful this harness would be for my girl Tilley.  With her Vestibular disease she is often off balance; I could have definitely used this several months ago.  And even now; the handle on top would be a wonderful way to steady her, especially in the evening when she is at her worst.  Jessie and I finished our walk; I hooked her back into the seat belt buckle and off we went.  The Wrap is attached by velcro in two areas making on and off a breeze. 

I love it; and I think Jessie likes it as well, she sure looks snazzy in my red Xterra.

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