Where should they sleep?

I took this picture of Tilley last night.  I was getting ready for bed which involves tucking everyone in and perhaps covering; depending on the weather and coat length.  Tilley just got her hair cut; she is old and gets chilly so she's got her cute pink t-shirt on and her covers.  I walked by her and could not help but smile seeing her so comfortable; and of course grab my camera.  This is how all dogs should look when they are sleeping; she looked as about as compfy as you can get.  Comfort is definitely a must; our dogs need to have an agreeable place to lay their head.  But along with comfort comes location; just where should our dogs sleep?

The absolute best place for our dogs to sleep is in your room; with you, or someone.  Dogs are pack animals and to be segregated from the pack is unnatural and disconcerting for a dog.  Of course they will grow accustom to where ever you designate them to sleep but the best most optimum spot is with you.  It does not need to be in your bed; it can be but it doesn't have to be.  I have strict rules about bed sleeping; any growling for being pushed or asked to move and your off for at least 6 mos. (the dog that is).  Prime real estate is a valuable comodity; not only to us but for our dogs as well.  If they are not willing to hand over  the best spot to it's rightful owner then there are behavior issues that must be dealt with.  But if your dog imoves when asked and gets off when told to do so; you're fine. 

My dogs sleep on their own beds; we did buy a kingsize bed when it was time to purchase a new one but now that the girls are older it is not safe to be on our bed.  We put them up there in the morning when we can supervise and then lift them down.  Luke jumps up usually in the middle of the night at some point.  But he has his ritual of being on the bed as we get ready for bed; when my husband comes to be bed he jumps off and goes to his own bed.  Then joins us later and sleeps there till morning; sometimes late morning. 

There are people who do not want their dog in their room for some reason or other.  I have discussed this with many owners; the dog may snore, toss and turn and keep someone awake.  Other reasons I've heard are that the dog is not allowed upstairs...........hmmmmmmmmmm, not a big fan of this reason.  You can always set boundaries; no upstairs during the day, only bedtime.  So if they are not joining you in your room to sleep you need to find the next best place; either an older childs room or somewhere nice and comfy where they can get a good night sleep.    More often than not; after having a discussion with me the dog wriggles it's way into the room and then the bed.

I have three dogs; if I go outside and lay on the lawn, so do they.  If I go into the family room and lay on the ground; so do they.  If I'm on the couch; so are they.  Dogs do what the rest of the pack does.  So when you head to the bedroom at night to get a good night sleep; your dog should be heading towards their bedroom as well, by your side.  One big happy pack.

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  1. I have 4 dogs and aspire to have more LOL! All 4 sleep in the bed with us two usually under the covers and two at the bottom of the bed or next to us if it is chilly. One snores and one just makes little noises. Sometimes the pug will find it too crowded and get on the chair during the night. Definitely we are a pack!

  2. Carol in St. LouisFriday, August 06, 2010

    I'm single, so this is a touchy subject with my "gentleman friends." One of my dogs is VERY bonded to me, and accustomed to sleeping on or near my bed. When he's "locked out," one would think he was being physically tortured from all the fuss and yowling - even if he's given a filled Kong toy and a rawhide bone. It's SO embarrassing.


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