A dog is a dog

I love dogs; this fact I am sure of.  How many times have I heard; "this is the best breed?"  "Mutts are the best."  Dogs are the best; plain and simple, I love them all.  I love the tiny pocket pooches all the way up to the mondo Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds.  I love the feisty Irish Terriers; the wiry mix breed mid-sized dogs, the ones with the scruffy face.  I call these guys the Disney dogs; and there are alot that fit the bill.  I love the Bulldogs that wiggle when they walk; there isn't a more expressive dog.  I love the short coated, fluffy coated, wire coated and half and half coated mixes.

That's it; I love them all.  Sure there have been a few dogs in my training and photography career that surely have not liked me; and for those it's been a little tougher to love.  But it's not me that is important; it is their guardian, that is who they need to love and be connected to.  I love nothing more than seeing a dog gazing into their owners eyes and their owner gazing back.  A true canine connection is amazing; and once you've had one you know what all this dog fuss is about. 

Honestly; a dog is a dog.  I don't care what size, shape, color, texture, configuration or weight they are, they are all dogs.  And I love them all.  Big hugs to all of your dogs; give them all a hug for me.  Tell them it's from Sherri.


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  1. Woof! Woof! Very Nice. As always LOVE your photos. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


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