Life with dogs

I am at the moment supervising a bone chew; being that I have to sit and watch I figured I may as well blog.  It is surprising to me that I am not asleep; I didn't have the greatest sleep last night.  Something woke the both of us up about midnight; it was only for a moment and  I fell back asleep fairly fast.  But then I was waken abruptly at 4:00 am which I did not fall back asleep from until moments before the alarm went off at 5:00 of course.  So I'm a bit tired today; not quite myself.

I was rudely awaken last night by a loud gag and a heave; I was up and out on the deck with a 50 lb dog in my arms before I was awake.  I don't even think that Luke was awake at that point.  Normally if I hear the all too familiar heaving sound during the night I'm up pretty fast.  But as I heard the first gag and sat up quickly I realized that Luke was on our bed; not good.  If I didn't get him off fast enough I was going to not only have to clean up the substance that Luke so kindly brought up on our bed; but change the whole bed as well, and fast.  Oh I'm fast; I'm really fast now.  After three children and many dogs you learn to whip things away before they have a chance to set in.

Funny how certain noises; even quiet noises will wake you in the night while other loud noises don't even cause a stir.  When you have small children; the softest of  squeaks can have you up and running to check on them.  My kids are now 20 and over so I rarely hear them come in at night now.  What I do hear is the dogs; not the normal happy dog sounds like snoring and dreaming, I hear the sounds of somethings up, impending doom ir perhaps somethings coming out.  Those noises none of us want to hear but if you are lucky it can be a heads up for you to be on your way to the tile, linoleum or outdoors in time.

Funny; I never pick Luke up, he is 25" at the shoulder and although he is skinny, he is still close to 50 lbs.  Which at 50 lbs is not heavy but he is large in size and I am only 5' 1"; short.  Being a dominant boy he doesn't like to be picked up; and because he is a large dog there is no reason to pick him up.  I do however lift him down from the car and the bed when I can catch him.  He is completely fine with this and I know it will move to a full pick up into the car before too too long.  Tilley is lifted into the car everyday; she has been for a couple of years now.  I really should get a ramp; might save my poor back.

Anyway; there I was out on the balcony with blondie in my arms.  I really don't know how I got the screen door open or stepped over the fan with Luke in my arms and in the dark, but I somehow managed.  And there we were; me holding Luke until he finished and Luke giving me pathetic eyes that said "what just happened?"  He is an extremely sensitive and emotional guy; so this grab and run event was not his bag.  He was upset; upset enough that I'm sure he just stopped himself from being sick.  We sat our there in the bright moonlight; looking at each other, then snuggling before coming in and making it back to bed.  Of course Luke was twitching off to his dreams in minutes; me on the other hand?  I lay there tossing and turning; planning today's meals, thinking about daily stuff until moments before the alarm went off.

Yep; I can smile about it today; I will be able to laugh about it tomorrow when I get some much needed sleep.  Life with dogs is filled with stuff that keeps you humble.  They make you laugh, smile, beam with pride, pull at your heartstrings and make our life essentially complete.  "What's a little puke and lack of sleep right?"

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