sleeping dogs

Is there anything cuter than a sleeping dog?  As I sit typing I have three sleeping dogs on my bed; each one twitching at different times.  Luke is my big dreamer; it seems like no sooner do his eyes close than he is running a marathon, chasing a rabbit or after something but he is going.  Jessie isn't much of a demonstrative dreamer; I'm sure she dreams but it is only on a rare occasion that she twitches or runs is spot.  Although there have been times when she is growling, running and her hair is up from the top of her head to the tip of her tail.  I really wonder what monster she is fighting when her hair is up.   Tilley is a runner; and she has a tendency to sleep with her eyes open in a creepy fashion so seeing her run open eyed in her sleep takes some getting use to.

When a dog falls asleep; it typically means that they feel safe enough to do so.  Of course even if a dog is not feeling safe and in a state of stress there comes a time when their body just shuts down and puts them into a sleep.  But when a dog is in the safety of their home; surrounded by family and feeling confident enough to shut their eyes it is a great thing to watch.  I love seeing Tilley out on the lawn enjoying the sun when she dozes off.  I try very hard not to startle her as it takes more confidence to fall asleep outside rather than in.

Seeing your dog curled up on the bed; your lap, the couch or by the fire is a wonderful sight.  I know it makes me really happy to know that my dogs are as happy and secure that they can fall into a deep, deep sleep.  I love to listen to them snoring; from soft grunts all the way up to the loud snoring that one cannot sleep through.  They make all sorts of noises when they sleep; growling, squeaking, whining and the occasional barking.  Normally they wake themselves up startled by the sound of their bark; looking around to see what the commotion is about.

A sleeping dog is a joy to watch; I often wonder what they dream about.  And like us I'm sure there are good, bad and everything in between dreams.  A sleeping dog is another one of those little things that makes me smile.

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  1. One of the things I love the most, is hearing my dogs heavy breathing or snoring when we all go to bed at night. The silence of the night and hearing their contentness, allows me to drift off to sleep. It's a complete sense of peace, and that everything is right with the world.


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