Even good dogs have bad dog days.  

I struggled to my feet; flew into the kitchen and yelled "BAD DOG."  I was fuming; this is a rare occurrence, so rare that I cannot even remember the last time that I was this mad.  Banished to the house to stew on it; Luke was in big s*&t with me.  Let me fill you in on what happened exactly.  I was grinding nails; Tilley was done and laying quietly on her outside bed, I was doing Jessie's nails.  When I do nails, brushing, teeth scraping or anything like this Luke likes to go after whoever is being done.  He is a "kick'm when they are down" kind of guy, a trait that I am none to fond of.  He always wants to go after the one who is down; especially Jessie.  She is in a vulnerable position and getting Mom's one on  one so I believe that it is a combinations of reactions to the situation.

Anyhow; I was doing Jessie's nails and Luke jumped up onto the lounge where I had Jessie on her back.  I kicked him off; told him to "knock it off," and that was that, or so I thought.  He immediately went after Tilley; he gave her a body blow knocking her off her bed.  He is in way trying hurt anyone; he is just displaying some really obnoxious dominant behavior, basically being a huge idiot.  I yelled "HEY" in an agree loud voice, which didn't stop him.  At that point I was trying to get up and out of my awkward position with Jessie.  Then Luke hit Tilley again; causing her to fall onto the concrete patio.  That was it; I blew a gasket, I was on my feet in a furry and a very intentional  bluster of rage.  Bluster is ever so important when you want to make a point.  THIS WAS NOT OKAY.

I meant to make a point; so it had to be big.  I wanted reaction; not just moving out of my way but an "oh sh%t" type of reaction.  I chased Luke into the kitchen; I wanted to immediately react to his actions.  I slammed the door behind me and went back to check if Tilley was alright.  In her younger days she would have kicked his ass and had him on his back in  no time, but she can't do it anymore.  She was fine; a little shaken but okay.  I put her back onto her bed and all was well; dogs forget quickly and move on.

Then I heard the dog door; he came out low to the ground and went to sniff Tilley.  I immediately stood up really big (well as big as 5' 1" can stand) and loomed over him.  He lay his ears flat back; squint his eyes and sat.  He got the message loud and clear without a word or sound being uttered.  I told him to go lay down and he did; there was no further commotion.  I finished Jessie's nails and calmly went on with the day.

Dogs will be dogs; I expect undesirable behaviors now and again but this was just plain obnoxious, macho, dominant and ornery.  And as the leader of this pack; I will not tolerate it.  In this instance a calm reprimand was not enough of a message; I needed "loud and clear."  I will attempt to scrape teeth tomorrow to see if Luke remembers yesterday.  He had better or we will be reenacting yesterdays scenario.

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