Today while I was driving home; I entered the on-ramp and was immediately startled to see a guy standing in the middle of the on and off ramps with his dog no less.  I bolted in reaction; much like a parent reacts to a child falling.  The medium is no more than two feet wide; and the dog was standing in the middle.  Realizing I couldn't stop; I kept looking in my rear view mirror, good way to cause an accident.  "What an idiot;" I thought to myself.  Okay; this is the area where the homeless people wait for hand-outs but never have I seen one standing right in the middle, much less with a dog.

I was mad and sad; this is just too common an image these days.  And when they are standing somewhere that I can pass them some money safely; I often do.  What was going through this gentleman's head?  Perhaps the other corners were taken by the regulars; come to think of it I have never seen this guy either.  So maybe he's new; but you can add stupid to that as well.  As I drove by I frantically was looking for a leash; surely the dog was tied somewhere.  I was stressing all the way home; I'll be back tomorrow.  I will bring dog food and a lecture about safety.  The scene today made me think of how many dogs are being given up in these poor economic times; it is very sad.  I plan on keeping several bags of dog food in my car now and I will hand them out freely to the homeless with a dog.

As well as human food banks; dog food banks are popping up everywhere and it is wonderful to see.  Having a dog stay with their existing family is always the best option and maybe some free dog food is all that they need for a bit until they are on their feet again.  I can't imagine the heartache of turning over a dog because you just cannot feed them any longer.  With the holiday seasons around the corner; more and more people and dogs are in need.  I have compiled a small list; there are many more.  Think about bringing a bag of food by or donating cash; it could just be all that is needed to keep a dog at home with their loved ones.

If you know of a pet food bank in your area; please list it in the comments below.  Thanks.

The Pongo Fund - Portland, OR

Rescue Bank, Houston, TX

Pikes Peak Pet Pantry, CO  This link has a list of pet food banks across North America and Germany

Pet Chow Pantry - NY


  1. Yes, animal services for the homeless are cropping up everywhere in response to the need. Here in Shawnee County in Kansas we have CAART that provides pet food and crisis shelter for pets when needed-
    One never knows anymore where the need will be found next.

  2. Here is another one: Daffys pet soup kitchen in GA

  3. Animal Pantry in Fern Park, Florida-a suburb of Orlando. It was started by a 9 year old boy!!!


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