Dogs in truck beds, honestly.

Okay; I took the plunge today, I never do, I say I never will but I went shopping on Black Friday weekend.  I'm actually almost done my shopping, it was me I wanted to get some things for and do lunch.  So we head out, it is much less stressful when you aren't really shopping, or at least not panic shopping.  We hit the 5 freeway and were nearly there when we drove by a truck hauling a fifth wheeler.  It was a big fifth wheel and as we came up to the truck I noticed a dog in the back of the truck.  Turning my head as we passed until I had to completely turn around to indeed prove that what I was seeing, I was really seeing.

There was an Irish Wolfhound, behind the cab of the truck in front of the fifth wheel.   It was much like this set up and I could not believe my eyes.  The dog stood sideways and I could not see if there were any ties to speak of keeping the dog in the truck.  What I do know is that the dog had a look of bigtime stress on his face.   I wish I'd had my camera on me but I did not.  Imagine a dog so tall standing sideways riding on the freeway?  If you've ever seen the crazy traffic in Southern California, there is no question that at one point you will be jamming on your brakes.  Why on earth would this dog not be either in the truck or at least in the camper?  I know that people are not suppose to ride in fifth wheel in some States, although California does allow it.  And if my dog were to ride in a fifth wheeler I would definitely have them crated.  It would at least be a far cry from being wedged into a small spot in the bed of a fifth wheeler hauler.

I have huge issues with dogs riding in the bed of a trucks for any reason.  Dogs that are tied often in a truck bed can fly out and be dragged and if not tied they just fly.  Dogs should be inside the truck with you, bottom line.  And if they don't fit, either put them in the fifth wheel, get a full cap for your truck with ties or get a new vehicle.  Imagine the things that could hit your dog while they are in the back of a truck?  I don't even drive with my windows down on the freeway because there is always random things flying through the air.  And I never allow heads out the window unless we have arrived at our destination.

Dog days of summer

Truck beds are for hauling stuff, not dogs.

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  1. Thanks for posting Sherri. This is a huge pet peeve of mine as well. Thankfully I've seen it less and less.


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