Canine interactions

We are just back, Luke and I.  We  had a wonderful walk this morning, it was chilly and only two other dogs and their people were there.  That meant ball fun for Luke.  We did a full round of the park then he got lots of ball tosses or kicks I should say.  I have a shoulder injury so I have to kick the ball.  He doesn't care, nor does Tilley.  After that we did another round of the park where we came across a female Springer Spaniel and her Dad.  I always rely on my daily outtings to inspire my blogs and this morning didn't let me down. 

The first time around the park we just gave them some space as I could see that she was not wanting to meet Luke.  The next time I asked if she was friendly.  The gentleman said "maybe."  Hmmmmm, maybe.  Luke really wanted to meet her so I took my time and read all the signals.  The man told me that she was shy, I told him shy was fine.  She gave off all signals of having a large personal space.  I told him that Luke was very friendly and not shy at all.  He demonstrated this by pouncing over to the Springer girl which made her bolt away.  Luke was clearly friendly in an in your face sort of way.  "Hey, my names Luke, this is my Mom Sherri, we're on a walk, wanna play?"  She gave him a hmpf look out of the corner of her eye.  But she gave me a tiny wag. 

I bent down while holding Luke's harness so that she could say hi to me without being bombarded by Luke.  No sooner had I opened my mouth to say hi, when Luke smacked me in the face with a big kiss.  "This is MY Mom, right MOM?"  As friendly as he is, he wanted it very clear that I belonged to him.  What a guy.  After he established this with a big face kiss, he looked at her.  She immediately showed him her full set of pearly whites and snapped them at him.  His ears went back and we moved away.  The man was a bit upset so I told him that it was nothing and not to worry.  She was discussing space with Luke and he clearly understood.  He was still wagging, he seemed a bit smitten with her.  We said our good-byes and went on our way.

We wandered around the park for a little while longer enjoying the nip in the air, zig zagging back and forth across the fields.  We did a pile of glorious recalls, where Luke came bounding seemingly in slow motion into my arms.  This followed with some major snuggle action.  We worked on obedience which Luke was in the mood for, we did heeling, direction changes, finishes, stays and recalls with interuptions.  All in all a wonderful morning, and walk.


  1. Thanks for sharing your great morning walk! Love the fun pictures too! : )

  2. My Fergus (SPoo) always wants to say hi to every dog we meet. If we meet a shy dog, I make him 'down' for a while till I see the dog relax & casually look away. Sometimes, after that they can say a careful hello.


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