I watched Hachi (A dog's tale) last night, I've been wanting to see it for a longtime and finally it arrived today (Netflix)  So after dinner we all headed down to the family room, Luke of course was out in front.  He did his regular happiness spin and settled down in front of the coffee table facing the tv.  Then before the movie started he decided to take up the end of the sofa on one of the cushions.  My husband moved the candles so that Luke could see the tv, I'm not joking he does watch t.v. and he did watch the entire movie.

The movie was much better than I had anticipated.  Richard Gere stumbles upon the adorable puppy at a train station.  With no one in site to claim the puppy he brings it home to a wife who is none too happy to see it.  She (Joan Allen) plays the cold hearted role demanding that they place the dog, in the beginning.  Of course she quickly see's the special relationship between Gere and Hachi and allows the dog to stay.  It is a heartwarming story based on a true story that unfolded in Japan 1924.  Hachi was apparently an Akita and has a place of prominence on an Akita Club site.

The Akita is not a dog for everyone, they are a very large, strong and intense breed.  The Akita can be dog aggressive as it was originally bred to fight.  But with the dedication of many great breeders they are becoming a more social breed.  They have a natural guarding instinct and need a great deal of socializing from early on.  I had the chance to photograph some beautiful Akitas several years back and they could not have been better behaved and friendly, big but very friendly.   Akitas are wonderful dogs in the right home with an educated owner, they are not for everyone.

No matter what dog you get, whether it be a mix or purebred there should be much thought, research and consideration into the decision.  Don't run out and buy the cutie from the movie, no dog is like the movies.

I would definitely recommend the movie Hachi, it was really good and of course, about a dog.


  1. Loved the movie! Did you cry? I did!


  2. and for Gere's sake, an akita just can't run around Rhode Island without a leash!!!!

    but otherwise, i too enjoyed the movie.

  3. I just ordered this a couple days ago! So looking forward to seeing. Thanks for the great preview!

  4. I cried for days. I did the math right after I saw the movie and that dog spent just shy of 3,600 days at that train station waiting... ALL day, EVERY day. I wept.


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