New boots

Continuing with my rain blog from yesterday, I needed boots for all this rain.  I got new boots and I'm pretty excited about it.  Since we moved to California from Canada I lost my rubber boots somewhere.  I hadn't replaced them because frankly it hardly ever rains here.  But it's been raining more and I wanted to not have to do the tip toe thing around outside so we were off to find rain boots today.  It wasn't easy, I don't know how many stores I went into only to find Large, x-large or above size 10 left.  I take a 5.5 or 6 so obviously most of the kids around had scooped up my boots.

 I finally found some at Greenthumb nursery where my hubby suggested we check out.  I have to tell you that what I found I was very excited about.  There they were, after umpteen trips in and out of stores with no boots in hand, I had found them.  And not only had I found them but they had my name written all over them.

I got these Holey Coastal boots.  They don't go up as high as a normal rubber boot but I'm not splashing around in deep puddles, just shallow ones.  I love walking in the water and mud and not worrying about it.  I hate it when I step in a puddle in my runners and it seeps through the sides slowly drenching my feet.  These are sort of Crocish I guess you could say but man are they comfortable.  And as soon as I saw them I thought about the walks I take in the early morning as well, returning with soaking feet.

These are very comfortable and have a great sole.  Of course it was the paw prints that caught my eye.   When we went into the store I saw them immediately.  My husband said "hey Sher, check these out" but I already had a pair in my hands.  Like I said they had my name written all over them.  Dog walking shoes, how great. 

I'm a utility gear gal, I love anything that makes my life outdoors or with dogs easier.  And these fit that description to a T.

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