New issue

I'm having an issue, it's a very new one so I'm not quite sure if it is yet to be cast in stone.  But as someone who needs a solid 8 hours of sleep, it is not a good issue.  The issue is with Jessie, this past weekend she woke me each morning at around the 4 o'clock hour.  She is accustom to getting up around 5 a.m. which is when we normally get up.  Five o'clock is more than early enough for me I have to admit.  I once heard a saying at a huge convention, the speaker said to the audience "how would you like to be able to sleep until you're done?"  I thought about it for a long while, pondering this idea.  YES, we should sleep until we are done shouldn't we? 

Anyhow back to my issue, I was awakened by Jessie again last night with a tap, tap, tap on her crate door.  You see Jessie sleeps in her crate, she has for years.  There were many years when she slept on our bed, tucked under the covers but after several incidents of getting off the bed, crapping and getting back on the bed without batting an eyelash she was crate bound.  My other two dogs will alert us that they need out, not Jessie.  She simply goes to the other side of the room, far enough for her and relieves herself.  Never, ever during the day, just at night when the option of going out in the cold is not one she would choose for herself.  She loves her crate and goes in by herself at night and often during the day.

So, she has taken to getting up very, VERY early.  Last night she was restless, flopping around her crate making just enough noise to stop me from slipping into a deep sleep.  I'm exhausted, and Jessie?  Jessie is snoring on my bed and will be snoring all day long I would presume.  I on the other hand have a very busy and full day ahead of me.  As I type away I am feeling very much like sliding into that bottomless sleep that eluded me all night, I could easily go there now.  But alas I cannot, I have things to do while the little old lady's agenda for the day is which bed to sleep on.  Hmmmm; a dog's life.

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