Stanley is in the parade

I wanted to write about Stanley today; a Chesapeake Bay Retriever that I met many years ago.  When I first met Stanley it was in the San Diego area at the beach for a shoot.  I met his Dad, Craig as well and as usual the shoot was a lot of fun.   We were also joined by another woman who had two Chesapeakes there as well.  All that the dogs had to do was play in the water while I shot away.  Right off it was obvious that Stanley was a natural water dog.  He had the drive and natural intensity of the breed.  The humans chatted about the dogs, both Stanley and one of the other dogs were rescues.  Stanley had only been with Craig a matter of months when I met him but they already had an amazing bond.

The shots turned out great, how could they not when the dogs were in their zone?  What a great turn of events; Stanley had been dumped only months before a few blocks from Kern County Animal Control on Christmas Eve.  He roamed the streets for several days before he was picked up and then moved to a rescue group in San Diego.  It was there that Craig fostered and later adopted Stanley and as they say the rest is history.  Since that fateful day Craig and Stanley have come together as an awesome water team participating in Dock Diving and Surfing.

 Bakersfield news all about Stanley

 Stanley's story is yet another sad one with a very happy ending.  Stanley will be on top of the Natural Balance float at the Rosebowl parade so keep an eye out for him.  He'll be the dark brown stud muffin on top.  How's that for mov'n on up?  Pretty great I'd say.  From his past life of a lonely dog left to his own in a backyard to riding atop a float at the Rosebowl parade with his Dad.  That's a very happy ending.  Way to go Craig and Stanley

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