Step away from the cell phone

                                                              Luke, Jordi & Ellie on a canyon walk

Walking at my snail pace I hear the sound of Tilley's feet catch up every so often.  She starts to pant easily now and staggers off the path now and again.  I am very aware of the sounds of my girls, we are on our morning walk while it's beautifully chilly out.  I glance across the field to see a regular, and like always she's on her phone.  An hour earlier I was at another park with Luke, he was being very googly.  Lot's of eye contact and sticking close.  We chat a lot, well, I guess I chat a lot and Luke listens.  It's generic chit chat, we talk about the weather, the other dogs at the park and life in general.  We are doing our morning walk.  Again, I glance across the park and there is another regular, and she is on her phone.

There's a guy we see often too, he's always on his phone.  Okay, I'm just going to say it "step away from the cell phone."  Leave it in your pocket.  As I watch the owners who are walking their dog while on the phone I realize that they are not on a walk with their dog, they are actually involved in a conversation and their dog just happens to be attached to their hand.  Are you present on your walks?  I sometimes have my phone on me, normally I leave it in the car.  But of course it depends on the park and how far we are going.  If I get a call I might answer, probably not unless it's one of my kids.  I'm on a walk, with my dogs.

My poodles and I at the beach

Walks are one of the most enjoyable parts of the day, you should enjoy them.  I mean the walking with your dog part, not just putting in your time doing your duty.  Walks should be interactive.  I talk to my dogs the whole time we are walking, not so much Jessie because she can't hear me anymore unless I scream at her.  I listen and I watch, and now when I walk the girls I crawl at a snail pace.  As I've said before it took some getting use to but I love it now.  I am blessed to have my dogs still with me in these very senior years, I'm enjoying every second of them.  And that goes for our walks.

Walking is such a great bonding time, it is a time you take your dog out just so that they can have fun.  Although it is primarily for them, we take just as much as they do from a walk.  We can see how our dogs are dealing with some issues, how they are feeling emotionally and physically and work on training.  What a time set aside for just the two of you, or more of course.  So put down that phone, get involved in walking your dog.  Take time to smell the roses so to speak.  Or at least to watch your dog read their peemail.

My daughter and Luke

It's all about the connection, and I don't mean with Verizon. 


  1. I know what you mean about the dog just on the other end of the leash. I hate when my phone rings and I am walking my dogs. It's such a bonding moment and I cherish every minute!

  2. I love leaving the cell phone at home! These are the good times, too often ruined by technology these days.

    That said, there are still benefits to technology, right? Like being able to take pics/videos of trips like these on the fly. Want to see some dog videos? Surprise, try


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