Naturally cool

                                                                                  What a face.

Between training and photographing dogs as well as the every day chance meeting of dogs I have met some amazing ones. Amazing to me can mean many different things but typically it means that this dog has had an impact of some sort on me. I want to share the story of some of these amazing dogs with you.

The first one is a stand out for me, he was a strikingly handsome mixed breed who had an aire of confidence about him. I was doing a shoot at the beach with a rare breed, the Sloughi.  The guardian of the these Sloughis said she had a mix as well that she was going to bring for some beach fun. She had told me what the best guess of his mix had been but as he stepped out of the car he looked to me like he had quite a few breeds mixed in there. Most obvious was his markings and height which were very much like smooth coated St. Bernard although he was much leaner and athletic looking.

It was a typical fun and relaxed shoot with the dogs running around and me photographing the fun. As I watched this dog interact with others it was obvious to all the dogs on the beach that he had "top dog" status without being obvious about it. Several times dogs charged down the beach with a "I'm the boss of the beach" display. Some dogs at the receiving end of the charge would cringe in submission and others would challenge back with a dispute following. But when these displays came the way of our mixed boy he stood his ground, never flinched with a look on his face of sheer confidence. The beach challengers were immediately stopped in their tracks and redirected their furry.

                                                 Having so much fun makes a dog thirsty.

It amazed me to see that his unruffled behavior was clear to all the other dogs instantly. We had a great day, super shoot and lots of fun.  As we headed out a dog charged from out of nowhere and attacked one of the rare breed dogs I had been shooting. It was the darker male, the dog grabbed him by the throat.  In the blink of an eye the mixed breed companion of these greyhound like dogs flew into action, grabbing and pinning the attacker to the ground. As we gathered the dogs and got ourselves together he held this dog down. There was no fighting and no discussion he just did what was required.

The pack enjoying a run with Mom

On my drive home I was very upset about the end of the day incident but reflected on the remarkable behavior of this stately dog. He was definitely the strong, silent type. Later the guardian filled me in on hero dog, he was a street dog found in LA.  When she first heard of him the guardian hadn't thought she needed a dog in her life but he ended up wriggling his way in was truly sent when most needed. He had helped her through many life ordeals and been by her side since the day she didn't think she needed a dog.  That amazing dog always comes to mind when I think about all the great dogs I've met.


  1. That one brought tears to my eyes. I was raised by a Saint Bernard who would have and did, make short work of anyone posing a threat to us kids. I truly believed he thwarted an attempted kidnapping when I broke the house rules and took a stroll down the shoulder of our two-lane highway. A large car pulled over to the shoulder and opened the door to the passenger side. As he climbed out and began approaching me, Buck rammed him, sending him into the ditch. I was petrified and ran screaming up the driveway. Buck stood his ground until the man got back into his car and fled.

    I have to admit, I never told this story to anyone before now. It was just too scary. Buck, my confidant and "knight in shining fur", took our secret to his grave. He'll be getting a huge hug when I see him at the Bridge.

  2. Pat; that just gave me goose bumps. Your Mother would have killed you had she known. They are truly amazing are they not? What a boy you had, just wonderful.

  3. Beautiful, Beautiful! We look forward to hearing more stories of dogs that have made an impact on you! Please keep them coming! :)


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