So..............what are we doing?

With their stomachs full they watch for signs of my location destination. Luke is my closest watcher, he actually watches my feet to see which direction they are headed. Being that the dogs just ate, that means that we are doing a whole lot of nothing, or at least they are doing nothing. This is part of the bloat and gastric torsion regiment we set in years ago. So I always plan to do my "without the dogs" stuff after breakfast. Before breakfast is their walk time, very early, then they have their cool down and then breakfast.

It doesn't matter what you are doing, your dog wants to do it with you. This is something you need to consider when getting a dog. If you are a jogging type then you'll need a dog that can keep up. If you love nothing more than to watch movies 24/7 then you'll need a sound couch potato type. Of course even couch potatoes need mental and physical exercise but they are happy with the spare time being spent on the couch.

First thing on the weekday mornings in our house is iffy for the dogs. They loosely watch the comings and goings. It could mean a walk, although more than likely it means waiting for me to get back from the gym first. They know this and only keep one eye open just in case. Sometimes I forgo the gym just so that they get first dibbs, they love when I throw them a surprise, it's good for them. Then there are times when I choose to garden first thing in the morning and the troops fall in to place outside with me.

When we lived back in Canada I often skated on a huge naturally ocurring skating rink that formed in the field behind us. It was pretty much as big as we wanted to shovel. The dogs that we had at the time loved it, we skated and they ran the snow banks beside us. They obtained enormous amounts of exercise running through the deep snow after us. And our time together was wonderful. After our skate we'd all pile back into the house full of snow, the dogs did their drip dry first and then joined us inside for a movie.

Of course weather factors in a lot when considering bringing the dog. Sometimes there are places that are just too hot or too cold for the dog or there may be somewhere that you are going that is not dog friendly so it may be best to leave them back in the safety of your home. The more outtings that you offer your dog the easier it is for them to adapt to new surroundings and situations. A dog friendly world is one where dogs are much better behaved.

Although my guys love their walks and outtings they love nothing more than times when the whole family is home and we are watching t.v. or a movie. Luke's favorite place in the world is where we are sitting stationary and he can lay down and chill knowing we are not going anywhere. Being out on adventures is great fun but there truly is no better place than HOME SWEET HOME with the hounds. :)

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