Beating my head against the wall

Okay, if any of you see me out and about and notice that my head is slightly flattened, you'll know why. Lastnight I made salmon for the dogs, yes Alaskan Salmon, yummy right? Well the girls thought so and I already knew that Luke was not going to think so by his absence in the kitchen. I fed the girls and decided to doctor up his meal so he might just eat it. Typically Luke is not a fish eater; he wouldn't do so well in the wild. (Wild poodle...........hmmmm)

Lukes customary routine is to stand in the middle of the kitchen, he waits for Jessie and Tilley to be done.  Then and only then will he have a look see as to what might be in his bowl.   But on this night he wasn't even coming in the kitchen, not good.  If there had been a big slab of raw beef on the counter he'd have been in the kitchen all right.  But I don't have raw beef all the time, and it's good to eat a big variety of foods.  Just like my two good girls do. 

Anyhow, I brought the food down to His Majesty where he was propped upon his thrown and placed the salmon, quinoa, liver biscotti and lots of butter down infront of him. He recoiled his legs and left. Nice! So I proceed to do the airplane routine which worked for a while but there was no way he was eating it out of the bowl. FINE!!!!  And I left to go upstairs with his uneaten food.

To my surprise he followed me, wow maybe he wanted to eat the rest. I put it on the ground and ........................................nothing. Nope, he was not eating it but Jessie was waiting as patiently as a pirahna to devour it. I grabbed the bowl and carried it to the safety of the counter.  Hmmmmmmmmm; what to put in this bowl?  He was not in a fish mood obviously, but he looked like he wanted something.  Running out of "real" food options I thought "I'll get some kibble  (Orijen) and throw it around, maybe he'll eat that." As soon as I poured the kibble into the bowl Luke's ears went up. What? He was interested in the dogfood?  I sat the bowl on the floor and he licked it clean, I added another bit and he ate that as well. 

Long story short? He ate two bowls of dry dog food, about a cups worth. Somebody shoot me.


  1. My husband and I laughed like crazy when I read this to him. I am trying to get the dogs onto more of a raw diet and today I decided to try fish so we used sardines. I figure the stinkier the better...hmmmm. She loves raw meat so it never occurred to me she wouldnt like this. Tanzeer the dobe wolfed his down while princess Bella looked from the bowl to me like I must have lost my mind contaminating her dish with that slop. I did manage to get her to sort of lick a piece but she had no intentions of actually swallowing any of it. After awhile I finally gave up and gave her some dry. Go figure.

  2. Funny, Sherri.
    Next time you want to make them Salmon... just send Luke's to me, I'll eat it!

    I thank God that my crew is a bunch of Garbage Disposals!

  3. Imagine the same routine (read lamb instead of fish) and then him eating one kibble at a time, often with a tour around the house between the kibble bites. And, my boy Finn looks like Luke's twin so it must be a beautiful blond boy thing.

  4. this sounds like my house! I have my dogs on a raw diet and every once in a while Tatum, my shar pei mix, will just walk away...makes me insane. Now, Martini, my pittie, will eat anything and watches Tatum very close to see if she can pounce on his food....I can usually get Tatum to eat when he is in one of these moods by sprinkling a little bit of shredded cheese on his food...funny how one can be so food driven and other is not...


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