I was in a petstore the other day. There was a woman looking at all the Greenies and the salesperson was explaining the differences between all the different types. Satisfied that she had learned all she could about them she grabbed a pack; I held my tongue.

There are so many articles on the dangers of Greenies yet people still keep buying.


These are just a few that I pulled up quickly on the ever popular Greenies. I do not feed greenies to my dogs; never had and never will. Anything that can be consumed like rawhides, pig ears, greenies or those other dental chews by pedigree should in my opinion never be used. There are lots of things out there for dogs to chew on that do not breakdown in size possibly causing choking or blockage issues.

I use real bones; and I use the tough Nylabones. I do regular inventory of all bones and toss any that are small enough to ingest. Poor Jessie has to use the wolfsized bones because of the larger dogs in the house. But at least she is safe from choking.

Please do your research and if the petstore owners are not going to be ethical about a product and the manufacturers are still pumping them out to get a piece of your hard earned money; then you have to do the work for all these people and research like crazy before giving your dog anything.

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  1. Mom Beaglebratz here -
    So glad to see your post. So many "well informed" dog owners still feed their dogs Greenies - I did for a very short time when they first came out but then started hearing more and more reports about the dangers so I stopped. There are some really good treats out there besides Greenies - maybe Greenies are ok for some dogs but it only takes that 1 time and besides, the way the Beaglebratz will take something and swallow before chewing completely, I don't need a vet bill that could have been easily avoided.


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