Pulling it all together

Sit, down, stay, don't let them walk in front, don't let them pull, what is that lip curl about?  Yes there is a lot of information out there from training methods, behavior issues, communication misunderstandings, leadership, guidance and education.  I'm sure that many people feel overwhelmed by the canine perfection status goal these days, so how do you pull it all together.  How do you have a dog that listens to you at home, is a model citizen in public and obedient all at once?  Is it even possible?  Yep.

So you throw it all up in the air and pull it together into one amazing dog.  First let me say that no dog is perfect, just like there is no perfect human.  Even when you train to perfection, have leadership quality and communicate like a pro canine educator, there will be times when your dog is simply a dog.  And there may be no other explanation for a behavior other than the simple fact that your dog is infact a dog. 

The big secret to having a well behaved dog who is wonderful to live with, listen and obeys is guidance.  Your #1 job when living with dogs is guidance, whether it is guiding them through everyday life, learning new lessons or helping them to express themselves, it's all guidance.  Not everyone who guides is a leader, we need to be both.  It is imperative to let your dog know that you are the "Lead Guider."  The position is filled and you will guide them every step of the way.

Without this guidance a dog is left to their own, imagine trying to figure it all out without guidance?  Each corner, every question, doubt or decision needs your guidance.  Will you be there when your dog needs you?

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