Does your dog have a BFF?  You know a Best friend?  One that they don't live with but is a dog?  Luke has a best friend and her name is Ragzz.  It's actually funny because she looks very much like Tilley, she is a blue standard poodle.  She looks the same but different, they are the same breed, the same color and they are both girls but that's about it.  I would never mix them up, their faces are very different.  We met Ragzz years ago and Luke and her are the same age, well Ragzz is a month older but we won't mention that.  Luke loves Ragzz and he treats her like no other of his friends. 

Luke is a social guy, he loves to meet new dogs but is very dominant none the less.  Not dominant like Jessie but still dominant.  He loves nothing better than meeting up with a gang of his friends and leading the way.  He always has to be out front.  You can see him beaming as he shows everyone where to go with "ya guys just follow me," written all over his face.  When he sees Ragzz at the park, heck even if he doesn't see her he gets so excited.  Often they will get there after us and if Luke hasn't had a chance to notice her yet.  I'll ask him "do you see Ragzz?"  He immediately stops dead in his tracks and scans the park.  As soon as he does see her his body posture changes, his ears drop and he charges.  She charges back and they meet in the middle of the park.  Much like one of those slow motion lovey dovey movies. 

    They are buds; and as buds he bites her all over when he sees her.  Luke is rough but Ragzz doesn't seem to mind being man handled a bit.  He gives her big face bites just like he gives me when I come home after a long time away.  He doesn't bite hard, they are affectionate bites.   She jumps around so excited to see him as well but she gives kisses instead of bites.  Once they've done their big greeting they just sort of chill and walk the park.  I love seeing my guys see their friends. 

Even if I bring Tilley who is not so social, she gets big kisses from Ragzz.  Tilley sort of holds her head up like "really, kisses, do we have to?"  She accepts them but has none to offer for anyone but her family at home.  Luke prefers girlfriends over guy friends.  He plays well with other guys but likes to make sure that they know he is "top dog."  He actually has amazing patience and even with the young obnoxious boys who have too much to prove, he will tell them over and over again without losing it.

Luke has a lot of friends, he has a little Catahoula look alike name Zoey.  A little Fox Terrier who he saw today, lots and lots of Standard poodle friends but Ragzz is his BFF.  It is just different with her, so cute to see the difference a BFF makes.

Does your dog have a BFF?


  1. Love hearing about Luke's BFF.My Topaz has 2 BFF's one we join for walkies at our local park(they also romp and roughhouse on the baseball field off leash when the park is empty of other guest!)he is a handsome puggle named Buddy and they LOVE each other!!Topaz's other BFF is a charming Silver Goldendoodle named Bella and they have play/training dates at least once a week they are a joy to watch together and with both girls having excellent manners we go on field trips with me being able to handle the Diva's for nice long hikes!Her BFF's add so much to her joy of life we are both blessed to have these awesome furry furends!!

  2. Hi Nan; thanks for posting, I love to hear BFF stories. :)


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