On a happy note - things that make me smile

Okay; admittedly I've been a bit down on mankind lately.  So; today's blog is upbeat, about all the good many of we humans do for our dogs and dogs in general.  Over the years I've met a lot of dog folks, between training, shooting and chatting about dogs in general there have been many.   And there are folks who I've seen but never had the chance to meet who are wonderful dog people.  Take the old gentleman I saw one day when I hit the park at an off hour.  An elderly man was very slowly getting out of his car, I watched but gave little notice.   On our trip back around the park I was startled as we came across a bridge and walked by a very long ornamental grass area.  There behind the grass sat the man in a wheel chair and beside him sat a very senior dog.  A huge smile crossed my face; "how wonderful."  They were simply sitting, enjoying one another.

All the regulars that I see on my daily outtings, they never miss a day.  The folks that make a point to fill their dogs daily lives with walks and companionship.  The people who pencil in the trip to the dog park just so that their dog can meet up with their friends and have some fun.  All the wonderful humans who attend the dog walks around the world just to raise funds for the dogs in need.

Then there are the wonderful companies, the ones who give a portion of all their profits to the dogs.  Amazing.  The rescuers, and sadly there are too many to name but you know who you are.  You inspire me, you give me hope that maybe there will be a day when people always treat animals the way that they should be treated.  How about the folks who foster the rescued dogs, that has got to be one of the most difficult tasks involving rescue.  Sometimes your foster just doesn't make it, heartbreaking.  Often they do make it and thrive, only to move onto to love someone else.  Yes this is the goal but tremendously difficult to the human who has a piece taken out of the heart with each foster that leaves their home. 

For the folks who do the little things; like saying thank you to your dog.  This may seem like nothing but the whole psychology around is right.   People around the world who welcome their dog into their home as a true member of the family, that makes me smile.   When I see little things like people having conversations with their dogs.  When I see people gaze at their dog and the dog gazes back, that makes me smile.  And when I see people and dogs in a pile asleep, that really makes me smile.  Humans aren't all bad, in fact most of us are pretty darn good.  We can tend to focus on the bad, but this one is for all the good dog folks out there.  Thank you to you all for being so great.

Oh, and to the gentleman who stopped me in the parking lot today to tell me how great my truck was, that really made me smile.  :)

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  1. What a beautiful blog...you made me smile :-)
    Thank you!!


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