Pool party anyone?

I head out to a shoot yesterday and as I drove down the freeway I saw this huge mass of fog rolling in.  Noooooooo; not for my shoot.  But as I got closer to my destination I was leaving the fog hanging over the beach and the sun was winning the battle.  When I got to my shoot I met the owner and talked about her dogs.  She told me about her amazing Goldens, and how they loved nothing more than to swim.  Infact she said that she had a hardtime keeping them out of the water.  I could feel my excitement rising, I love nothing more than shooting dogs having fun in the water.  And especially if they are going to dive into the water. 

"So can they swim today?"  "Would that be okay?"  And she said "sure they can swim."  Yes.  I'm sure I was smiling bigtime.  When you get the chance to see dogs having fun, or enjoying themselves so purely, it just makes you feel great. 

For those of you in the colder climates, hopefully this will bring you feeling that there is indeed light at the end of your winter tunnel.  This too will be your weather very soon.  Please enjoy the images, I sure enjoyed taking them. 

Keeping out of the splash zone and shake zone are two important parts of shooting diving, swimming, splashing dogs.  I've shot many splash events now and have gotten into the habit of pulling the camera just as the splash is at it's fullest to save the lense.  Of course you always have to watch out for running dogs when you are crouched down shooting.   But it is one of my favorite things to do. 

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