Dogs and gear

I love dog gear; I mean really great and useful dog gear.  Over the years I've been through mountains of the stuff; I have a bucket load of leashes and collars that I plan on going through.  Once I decide which are keepers I will donate the rest to a needy rescue.  Fortunately a good leash can last a lifetime; that is if Fido doesn't chomp it in half.  I have bags, poop bag carriers, back packs, water bottle holders galore, harnesses, bowls etc.  So what makes something "great gear" for me and my gang? 

I like utility, I am not into glitz for dogs without usefulness, although dog glitz for me, yes.  I like my gear to be tough enough to take a beating.  I bought my Xterra for that reason, toughness and utility.  I also like if the gear is smart and useful; does it do what it is suppose to do?  Can it hold up or is it made to look good and crush under the first sign of use?  We all know that there are lot's of things out there that are not good quality, both for dogs and for humans.  Doesn't it make you so angry when you buy something for your dog only to have it break or be useless on the first try?

When you enter a pet store it is literally mind boggling to see the amount of "stuff" that we can buy for our dogs.  And I am the first to admit that I love dog stuff; but it has to be good dog stuff as I've said.   I've made many bad purchases and tested some really stupid stuff but when I find a great product, service or dog essential I share it.  I love when someone comes up with a fabulous idea and runs with it.  Even more so I love a company that stands behind their product.  So if you are a regular reader you will have already seen many items that I've either purchased and loved or been given to test and review.

I'm always on the hunt for new cool stuff for our dogs; and new cool dog stuff for those of us who are dog lovers.  I will let you know when I find cool dog stuff for us too.  Anyone who loves dogs as much as we do like to wear and sport dog apparel regularly right?  Finding new accessories, clothing, car decal, bags and dog stuff that you just have to have can be a challenge.  But it's a challenge that I'm up to so I will search high and low and find the coolest things that I can for both your dog and for you and I will share it here, on my blog. 

Now off hunting I go.

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