I hope that you all had a great weekend.  We had a pretty good weekend; finishing up some renovating, a walk at the harbor, morning at the beach and a few slow poke walks at the park.   We spent a great deal of time at home; my favorite thing to do.  Last night we watched a movie and I thoroughly enjoyed having my room back in order.  The dogs clearly did too as they joined me on the couch.  Our couch is 13' long; great for lots of people, or lots of dogs as it was last night.  Me, Luke, Jessie and at the end Tilley.  All covered up and on blankets; it is a very content time of the day.

During the day we had some outings.  Things are getting a bit tough though with our trips out with a dog.  It is becoming more difficult to bring either Jessie or Tilley along; that is if we are planning any amount of walking or time spent.  Yesterday was a big walk at the harbor, even big for Luke now nearing 11 years.  There is just no way that Tilley or Jessie could join us.  It is heartbreaking leaving them behind but as a canine guardian it is what we have to do, use our head.  Jessie isn't as difficult to leave as Tilley; Tilley stands blinking at the front door as I quickly exit and lock it behind me, I just hate it.

Luke is definitely showing signs of age before either Tilley or Jessie did.  It is genetics and structure and he is suffering earlier than the girls did.  He is stiff after long walks and he is always tweaking that long neck of his.  But he has the energy to go so we keep it at walking now.  Even if he is off leash he does one initial burst of speed and then pretty much walks.

So yesterday Luke got to go to the harbor and today to the beach.  Jessie has a sore leg or paw, not quite sure what is going on so she rested and we may visit the vet tomorrow.  Today we spent 3 hours at the beach; we didn't walk that far but it was a very stimulus filled day for Luke and he was zonked once we hit the car.  On the ride home I stated that there too will come a day when Luke can't go; but we didn't discuss that further.

It is not easy leaving dogs behind but you simply have to listen to your head and not your heart.  The girls get their snail walks. Tilley loves nothing more than a game of ball in the yard, it's what she lives for.  But neither can do the distance and even my baby Luke is finding it more tedious.  So at the end of a long weekend we all piled onto the very long couch once again and had a snugglefest, everyones favorite activity these days.

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