Good Sunday morning; I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  I woke up to rain, yes rain in Southern California.  I checked the weather forecast just yesterday and there was no hint of rain on it but we surely need it.  So it's a nice change and I welcome a rainy day.

I started going through some images from a shoot the other day and laughed when I saw a few of them.  We had some interference during the shoot; not bad interference just interference.  I met several people at the park and there dogs to the photo shoot.  I was there about 15 min. early and watched a scruffy dog running around the park and checking up on all the dogs who passed by.  The bristle coated red dog was there with his girl; a little girl who was learning to ride a bike and as owner ran along side the little girl, so did the dog.  Only the appearance of another dog on the scene veered him from his duty.

As soon my dogs arrived so did the scruffy one; he came over immediately to assess the situation.  He met all the dogs; had a little romp and then was off with his little girl again.  During the shoot he came over once again to check out the situation; he had another greeting, made sure that all was well and was on his way once a gain.  Sometimes a dog on the scene of a shoot is a great thing; they can often be all that is needed to get an intense look that only dogs on high alert can give you.  If the dog that I am shooting in on leash then I can often capture the piercing desire to go to the other dog.

As a long time dog trainer I love nothing more than capturing canine behavior so when we do have the occasional appearance of another dog on the scene I surely take the opportunity to use it.  This boy appeared from the bushes; had a quick hello to this beautiful gal and was on his way with his owner who beckoned him on his bike as he drove by.

Interference is not always a bad thing.

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