The orange one

Sunday afternoon; it was hot, so hot that we pretty much hibernated in the house until late afternoon.  Then I decided that some pool fun was in order.   I got out all the floaters and the sinkers.  The balls, the bones and then I remembered seeing Tilley's old floating dumbells when I was cleaning out a closest the other day.  I ran and got them; and started the filling process.  I dumped all the toys into the pool while it was filling; all the floaters spun around the pool as the water rose.  Tilley loved this, it really triggered her drive and she was having a blast chasing them around the pool to retrieve.

Luke wasn't really in the mood except that he had sniffed out a new toy; the orange one.  These toys have strictly been preserved for water use and the chew marks on them have just been from Miss hard mouth Tilley doing her thing.  Luke has never been allowed to play with or chew them so the intrigue was high.  Tilley immediately spotted the dumbells; the orange one and the yellow one.  She obviously preferred retrieving them over everything else; although she still took everything else out of the pool. 

Not Luke he only wanted the dumbells are preferably the orange one.  The yellow one was identical but the same color as the tennis balls so it lacked that something special.  He did retrieve the yellow one a couple of times but the orange one was still "the one" he wanted.

Luke doesn't like to walk in the pool; I think because it is very slippery.  He tries to coax the toys to the edge.

Waiting for Tilley to drop the orange one.

Having a discussion

I decided to put the dumbells away so that they would play with the rest of the toys.  This was the second best and once retrieved from the bottom of the pool shows just how much water a poodle face can hold. 


  1. Got toys (tons of them), need a pool. Going shopping. Looks like great fun. I'll worry about winter storage later...

  2. Canon prefers the hose that fills the pool.


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