The Ottawa Valley Poodle Club

I was hoping I could make it; heck I'd traveled all the way from SoCal to Ottawa, Canada, I'd better make it.  I was invited to attend the Ottawa Valley Poodle Club Picnic from a good friend.  I was cottaging up near the Pembroke area which if you've never been, is gorgeous.   There are lakes everywhere with the Ottawa River running through it all.  We were right on the edge of a beautiful bay off the river, nice.  Saturday, we hopped in the car around noon and head out; the drive was amazing, farm land as far as you can see.  To my delight we did not have to go anywhere near a city on our way to the picnic.

As we neared we drove down several gravel roads and found our destination.  Poodles, poodles galore; being dogless it was a sight for sore eyes.  There were poodles of all sizes wandering around off leash; so I headed over to a standard poodle group of folks.  I sat down, introduced myself and the poodle talk commenced.  What a great bunch of folks and of course dogs.  I met so many wonderful new people and a few from the past which was a really great surprise.

Talking to all the wonderful poodles lovers it amazes me how small our world really is.  Some of the folks there knew a couple of my poodle friends from Southern California.  As we chatted the dogs played; they played hard.  Having three old dogs at home, I very much miss the crazy antics of the youngn's.  Watching them tear around, leaping over each other and diving in the grass was amazing.  There was a rainbow of colors, all sizes, just about every clip and each one an individual.  I could have chatted dogs and poodles until the wee hours but I had people to see and places to go.

One little munchkin caught my eye and everyone else's eye who was in attendance.  An adorable little black puppy; three months old and as cute as they come.  As she wandered over my way I made sure to get my share of snuggles; much appreciated as I was missing my guys terribly.  I loved watching her meander around the picnic, she was outgoing, confident and as sweet as they come.  What a cutie.

Thank you Olga from for inviting me and everyone else from the Ottawa Valley Poodle Club for making me feel welcome.  I'm so glad I made it.


  1. that is an amazing photo with all of those poodles sitting for the camera. how on earth did they do that???? amazing.

  2. O M Doggy, what a fun event!!! Look at all those beautiful spoos!!! I can't wait to get my own standard poodle girly :) Unfortunately it looks like it wont be before summer 2013 but well worth the wait!!!

  3. Beautiful bunch of poodles. In your description of the 3 mth old black poodle,that is what makes them so special! Spoos walk in confidence, curosity, and the idea that everyone is a potenial friend.
    Also loved the beautiful red spoo.

  4. The "big sit" is usually the last task of the day. After running around for 3-4 hours in the wonderful heat/humidity of the Ottawa Valley, the poodles are very co-operative!

  5. Sherri I'm just commenting on this now. What fabulous pictures you took and it was so great having you with us. You will have to come this year too with your spoos this time! :-))) The last picture is actually one of the few nice pictures of me that has ever been taken! Thanks. Can't remember the pup's name, but I know it was Donna W's standard spoo puppy that she was hoping to home. Hopefully we will see you in July with bells and whistles!


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