Sleeping buddies

I was discussing Luke and his sleeping habits with my son and husband yesterday.   We all agreed that he's about the best sleeping buddy that there is.  Luke loves nothing more than joining someone on the couch or their bed for a nap.  As soon as my son gets home from work; he grabs a bite to eat, calls Luke and they head down to the giant leather sofa for a nap.  I love when I pass the room and see the two crashed out together enjoying some down time.

During our discussion about sleeping with dogs my husband commented on Luke's deep breathing.  Every once in a while when my hubby wakes up in the middle of the night; he said that he enjoys listening to the sounds of the dogs sleeping.  Tilley is typically snoring while Luke is slowly breathing, each breath methodical  which lulls the listener into the melody of sleep itself.  If they aren't making sleeping sounds of some sort they are twitching.  I've written many times about how quickly Luke slips into a twitching sleep.  Just the other night I was watching a movie with Luke fast asleep across my legs.  He and I were having a conversation, at the end of our discussion he puts his head down and was twitching literally within two minutes.

Luke is a couch potato; he has his spot during the day and he loves it.  From his spot on the sofa he has a good vantage point to pretty much anything going on in the house or backyard.  It is near the front door so he is very much aware of all the comings and goings as well.  Just looking at him all snuggled up on the couch makes you want to take a nap and I often go and lie down with him for a while just to enjoy doing nothing.

Watching our dogs as they drift off into a deep and peaceful sleep brings with it a sense of happiness to those watching.  Seeing that my dogs are so relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings that they can slip into a worry free sleep makes me happy.  Seeing Tilley upside down on one end of the couch, Luke next to her and then my son fast asleep on the other end, well it just doesn't get much better.

Luke is a staple on our bed at night now; the girls can no longer be up there as it would be dangerous if they tried to get off when we were asleep.  So it is only Luke that is on the bed during the sleeping hours; he has his own spot there as well.  He does not fuss around much, maybe only once a night he'll get up and turn around but mostly he's out.  He loves his sleeping time; we have a bunch of sleep lovers at our house.  None of the dogs are too anxious to see morning come or the time when they have to get up.

Sleeping well is very important; and that is made easy when you have a canine sleeping buddy at your side.

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  1. We have two English Springer Spaniels and they're great to sleep with. The 2 year old, Honey, plays Snoopy laying on my hip and shoulder while the older dog, Trixie, sleeps in front of me on the couch. Great article!


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