I'm leaving

I'm leaving; just for a bit, I am taking a much needed break from blogging for a week.  I've been blogging steady now for almost 5 years so it's time to take a break, step back, regroup and start back fresh September 30th.  I've been pondering this for a week; don't know if I can just go cold turkey, weird.  I love blogging; I really enjoy sharing dogs with all of you but with everything, sometimes you just need a break.

What I would love while I'm gone is that if anyone has a topic that they would like to see covered, please let me know.  Feel free to leave comments here on my blog and  I can always be reached at sherri@justdogswithsherri.com anytime.  I love hearing from you all, and really enjoy when you comment on a blog.

As you know we have a new addition here so I won't be relaxing much.  :)  I have a great deal going on and I am looking at many different opportunities for Just dogs with Sherri and dogs in general.  Have a great week, and I will be back on September 30th.


  1. I have a 9yr old boxer that is dying from CHF. He is on medicine but is losing the battle. How do I handle this when he goes with my other 3 dogs? 2 are boxers and one is a mini rat terrier. The mini RT is 8 and she's the sick boxers shadow on most days, she loves him. I have heard they will mourn his passing but how will I handle this with them when I myself am mourning his loss?

    I think this kind of topic would be a good one to cover as it's something that crosses our minds at some point.

  2. Breaks are good. Refreshing. Enjoy yours!

    I'm sure there are many of us who don't post comments but find your blogs very relevent to our experiences. Sometimes they help me see things in a slightly different way. Sometimes they're reminders that help with deal with something. And the photos - fantastic! Thanks for being there.

  3. Sherri, enjoy your break, although I know with Elsa you have quite a bit on your plate right now. I look forward to your return as I find your blogs to be very informative. They have helped me with a couple of situations that I found frustrating and was at a loss for a solution. Thanks for being here and sharing your experiences and knowledge!!

  4. Just wondering if you can suggest a way to cut my beagles nails. He's 1 year old and we did all the suggested things like playing with his feet and touching his nails, all very successfully. But when we try to cut his nails as soon as the clippers touch the nail he pulls back and objects. We must be doing something wrong, but not sure what? Vet has suggested sedation but will keep that as last resort.


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