Shopping for new clippers

My favorite trimmers have officially died, sad but true.  About three and a half years ago I purchased a great new trimmer; the Laube speed trimmer and I never looked back.  I have a full sized Andis trimmer as well but for doing face and feet the Laube is by far the better tool.  It is quiet and it doesn't heat up; plus it is cordless so if I need to touch up Tilley I can do it while she relaxes on the lawn.  Having poodles means grooming, it is a simple fact of life.  Even though I do not clip my poodles as such; poodles, they still need to be shaved and trimmed.

I have been grooming for over 30 years; I don't mind doing it and the fact that I do myself has saved us thousands of dollars over the years.  I cannot imagine forking out 100.00 dollars every six weeks for each dog.  Yikes.  So I do it myself and I do it just the way I like it.  But now I need to shop; I will likely replace my trimmers with the same thing albeit newer version.

About a week ago I was trimming Tilley's feet when the tickling got too much for her she shot her leg out with such speed and force that she sent the trimmer flying.  It was too fast for me to react to and they landed on the concrete; I knew then that it was probably not going to be great for my trimmers.  I turned them on and they seemed to be fine; I finished Tilley and was happily surprised that they were not completely demolished.

Then yesterday I got the little lady out to clean up her face; trimming sessions are very important when poodles are young being that grooming is a way of life for them.  I turned on the trimmers and began, nothing was coming off.  Hmmmm?  I then remembered the Tilley incident; could this be a delayed reaction to landing on the concrete patio?  Well, whatever the reason they died.  I took them apart trying to figure out the problem but alas I am not a trimmer technician and these trimmers do have a life.

So now I am in need of new trimmers; I will ask all you groomers out there for recommendations on your favorite trimmers and if I don't hear about anything new and wonderful I will simply replace the ones that I love.  In the long run it is very little money to put out compared to having someone else do it.


  1. I am in LOVE with my Wahl Bravura. It comes with a blade that can be 5 different lengths: 9, 10, 15, 30, 40 and comes with a couple of snap on combs if you want to leave a little fluff. They are whisper quiet, cordless (with corded option)and comfortable.

    I use the 15 for my Sebastian's face, and the 30 for his feet. When I had him in the Continental, the charge on the battery lasted long enough to do his face, feet, tail and entire pattern.

    I use them at work on every dog, everyday and mine has lasted almost 3 years. The only nag I have about them is that the blade is hard for most sharpeners to sharpen and they don't hold an edge as long as I'd like, so you'll have to stock up on replacement blades. But, then again, if you are only doing your three, the blades may last you worlds longer.


  2. Love my Bravuras! Check out for lots of groomer reviews on clippers!

  3. I also love my wahl bravura! I know 5 groomers at a shop and that is all they use. I got mine at for $142


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