Vestibular disease

Lately I've been running into a great number of dog owners who have never heard of Vestibular disease so I decided that I would repost some of my past blogs on the subject.  It is so important to know the signs; sadly many people euthanize their dog at the onset thinking that they are doing what is right.  The symptoms of the sudden onset are definitely frightening but it all changes quickly.  Here are the past posts on the subject and as a side note Tilley is now 14.5 and doing amazing; crooked but amazing.

Link on Vestibular #1

Link #2

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  1. So true, our previous dog was a Weimaraner rescue and he developed vestibular disease. All I can say is thank God for the Internet. We rushed him to the Vet but my research stopped him from convincing us to send Luther to another city for tests. I hate to say that he used the alarming symptoms to his advantage and once I told him I thought it was vestibular disease he backed off his treatment plan. Be educated doggie owners.

  2. A month ago, our 13 year old dog was diagnosed with vestibular disease. Her symptoms made me think she had a stroke and it was time to consider euthanasia BUT this disease is VERY TREATABLE!

    Her left side wouldn't walk,she was vomiting because of the extreme vertigo, she didn't want to move but when she walked she was all lobsided, her head was tipped, and her eyes were moving back and forth very rapidly.

    The vet gave her an anti-nausea shot, antibiotic shot, course of steroid pills to reduce inflamation around vestibular nerve, and now she is just fine. With good ol' fashion nursing, the only thing that remains is a tipped head.

    I am so thankful that we can still enjoy her and she is back to her ol' self.


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